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Allowed Usage

You are granted permission by KiddiePrintables.com to use the downloadable images (in whatever format be it PDF, JPEG, ZIP, etc) for the following purposes:

  • Personal use – home, schools, community centres, etc
  • Business and organizational use – office, factories, shops, garages, workshops, malls, facilities, vans, etc.
  • Used in a legal fashion for legal purposes.
  • You are able to modify the worksheets to your specifications as required, for example, changing sizes, colors, rotating to landscape, repositioning images, changing font, etc.
  • You can send the worksheet file to a family member, friend or colleague for the purposes of them printing the file for you.
  • You can send the worksheet file to a printing service for the purpose of them printing, laminating, or producing a hard copy of the worksheet for you (such as metal, plastic, sticker, etc).

Prohibited Usage

You are not permitted by KiddiePrintables.com to use the downloadable images (in whatever format be it PDF, JPEG, ZIP, etc) for the following purposes:

  • You will not sell the files and printouts to others by any means, including online and offline
  • You will not create derivative works to sell to others or make available to others for download on a website whose purpose is similar to KiddiePrintables.com 
  • You will not incorporate our designs and worksheets into works that are intended for sale or distribution, such as games, books, videos, software, etc.
  • You will not offer the files to other people for download
  • You will not use our files for any illegal activities
  • You will not claim the design as your own and use it in your portfolio to your own clients.

Designs and Image Ownership and Copyright

All images and designs on this website are copyright of KiddiePrintables.com and its creators, designers and authors.

Disclaimer of Liability

Every effort has been made to provide the most accurate and up to date information. However, inadvertent errors may sometimes occur. 

KiddiePrintables.com makes no representations, guarantees or warranties whatsoever regarding the accuracy, content, quality or completeness of information on this website, or in any of the downloadable and/or printable files,  nor any sites we may link to.

KiddiePrintables.com and the site owners are not responsible nor liable for any loss, damage or injury, that may arise from using this website or the contents of it. A

ll information is provided on this website “as is”. We make no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaim and negate all other warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights.


Regardless of the notification we or a representative has received in writing or verbally, KiddiePrintables.com and its providers will not be responsible for any damages that may occur from the utilization of materials from this website, including but not limited to losses of data or income, and business stoppage.

In certain jurisdictions, the limitation of implied warranties and restrictions of responsibility for incidental or consequential losses might not be applicable due to local laws.

Request Other Usage

Under no circumstances may the downloadable files, images, printables or worksheets on this site be posted on any other website or web page for the purpose of selling or downloading them. If you have a specific need and wish to use our worksheets in a different way, and you wish to discuss changes to these Terms of Use, please Contact Us.


These Terms of Use can change at any time and without notice. You are requested to read these Terms of Use when you download our images.

Governing Law

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Last modified July 29, 2023.