Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled the most common questions our customers ask about free printable signs. If your question is not answered below, please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to answer it.

When you click on a particular topic, the worksheets displayed will have the age listed. You can also search by age and by the grade the child is on, from pre-kindergarten to grade 3.

Yes, you are allowed to use the worksheets in commercial premises such as educational providers, tutoring services, businesses, events, or promotions without any additional licensing or fees. Fell free to print as many copies as yuo need to provide to your students, parents, or customers.

However you can not sell the worksheets, nor provide them for download on your website, any other website, or any marketplace, such as Etsy or Amazon.

No! You can only use the worksheets for your own personal, educational and business purposes. You can not sell them in digital or physical format, like on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy or Shopify, or on your own website, or any other third-party website. Also, you can not give the signs away as free downloads (like we do on this site).

Yes, you can share the downloaded sign with others. Feel free to email the file, share the download link, or distribute printed copies as needed.

Absolutely! The sign can be freely used for non-profit or charitable events. We support such initiatives and encourage their success.

Absolutely! The worksheets are perfect for homeschooling. Feel free to print and enjoy them as you wish.

Absolutely. As long as you print and hand them out to your students for free.

However, you cannot provide our worksheets as a download on your tutoring website to your students or others, nor can you sell them to your students.

Downloading and printing the worksheets is very easy! Simply click on the download button provided, save the file to your computer, and print it using your desired printer settings.

The worksheets are designed to fit standard letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches), ensuring convenience and easy printing using most home or office printers.

Yes, you can resize the worksheets to fit various paper sizes, such as A4 or A3. Please adjust the print settings on your printer to scale the worksheet according to your desired dimensions.

Yes, the worksheets can be printed on both inkjet and laser printers, ensuring you can achieve excellent print quality regardless of your printer type.

Not yet! Perhaps in the year 2030.

You can print as many copies of the worksheets as you need for your children, students or friends, family and neighbors. There are no limitations on the number of prints or restrictions on personal use. However, you can not sell our worksheets or make them available for download on a website or marketplace.

For optimal results, use high-quality paper and select the “Best” or “High Resolution” print settings on your printer to ensure sharp and vibrant prints.

Worksheets are created either in black and white, or in color, depending on what works best for the purpose. If you download a color worksheet you can print it in color or black and white. Please use your printer settings to change from color to black and white printing.

Our worksheets are available in PDF and high resolution JPEG formats. We use these formats as they ensure compatibility across different devices and provide high-quality printing.

Unfortunately no! Our worksheets are designed with non-editable text fields and non-editable images. You will not be able to personalize them with your own designs, numbers or letters. Simply print them out and use them as they are.

Sorry, no. You are downloading non-editable PDF or JPEG files. The font style and size has been chosen carefully for the particular worksheet and child’s age, and is fixed to ensure clarity and legibility. We do not provide the source graphics files for download.

Our worksheets are created with predefined colors. We supply PDF and JPEG as output files for you to print. We do not supply the source graphics files for download. Hence you will not be able to change the colors, unless you process the downloaded files in your own graphics software.

Currently, our worksheets are available in English only. However, we are working on expanding our language options to cater to a wider audience. We anticipate to have worksheets is several languages by middle to late 2024.

We regularly update our collection of printables with new worksheets, so keep an eye out for future additions! If you have something particular in mind, Contact Us and we’ll let you know if we can make a worksheet. Please do know that it will also be available for others on our website as well, and is not a one-off customer design.